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The Trusted Name in Septic Services since 1965

Choosing the right septic service is a critical decision. Without competent, professional maintenance you could one day have an expensive mess on your hands. And if you’re installing a new system, you want that same high level of competence in your installer.

Both are good reasons to trust JB Walter. As a family owned business for over 40 years, we go the extra mile to make sure the homeowner understands the system they have and what they need to do to keep it in good shape.

You can count on us for:

JB Walter

1    Portable Toilet Rental
2    Septic Tank Pumping
3    Septic System Design
4    Septic Inspection & Troubleshooting

5    Septic Tank Service
6    Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU)
7    Lift Stations and Mounds
8    Consulting

Where we work
Based in Mt. Blanchard, we proudly serve the following Ohio counties:
  1. Hancock
  2. Wyandot
  3. Hardin
  4. SW portion of Seneca
  5. SE portion of Wood
Private Water Systems Contractor – Ohio #003254
Plumbing Contractor – Ohio #26293